Legendary vodka



How do we create a simple and stylish, yet functional website?

We take a good branding identity and use the right elements of it for the web, we take in account the actual design trends, apply some animation, take care of the usability issues, design an easy to comprehend and use navigation and interface. Then we pack it with useful content carefully “squeezed” from the client. Et voila!

Kremlyovskaya is serious about awards and the events section shows that in full

The K team travels a lot and has participated in many events and awards contests around the globe. They achieved some great results in a short period of time and the events section chronologically proves that.

Different size cocktails for different tastes

A strong brand in this field is definitively working on the experimental side. “K” has developed new mixes in order to achieve new great drinks. Specifically for this section on the website, we have created an easy to use module in the CMS that allows them to add in seconds new cocktails and filter them by “glass size”. Ingredients are easy set without the need to align, select colours or sizes for the texts.

Barmen in action were always sexy and made you crave for a gulp while waiting for the drink to be ready.

The video section has a good selection of how to make a good and unique cocktails using "the K element". We built this section in the way so no administration is needed. The client just uploads the video to their YouTube channel and from here it is taken care of. Enjoy the show!