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Turcan Cazac

Find the right lawyer that will help in real time to clarify a situation in legal context

yAvo platform works really simple. Visit the site and ask a legal question. After moderation, the legal question is published on the site. The moderator assignes the question to a specific law practice and all the lawyers that applied for that practice are notified about its publication. A lawyer goes to the website and answers the question.

Everything is absolutely free of charge for all: users or lawyers

On the platform everyone can find answers on different legal matters but neither yAvo nor the lawyers offer juridical consultancy here. Citizens needing legal advice or consultancy, can contact lawyers out of the platform.

It is very easy to find the right lawyer

yAvo intermediates the contact with lawyers with whom citizens can establish real offline collaborations. Lawyers' profiles are updated and detailed while each of them tries to be punctual and professionally precise. This makes users choice easy and can lead to a real legal assistance.

Apart of being a great communication paltform, yAvo is trying to be also a comprehensive source of information.

For informative sections we developed three descriptive icons for the homepage. These are working as advertising banners for these sections. We also developed a functionality to create cross-promo banners on the go in order to be able to emphasise news about various events or interviews published recently.

To take full advantage of the platform we recommend creating a user account. It's easy!

Apart from simple user account creation, the platform allows lawyers to create their personal profile. Each user has different options when signing up and also different account page which reflects the activity on the platform. Also we gave different users different access. Lawyers can answer or ask questions while simple users can ask and evaluate answers.