Clothing for kids



Communicating the message with the right imagery

Bombonici is having a really nice communication through well thought and professionally taken pictures. We tricked a bit the homepage to accommodate white copy on dark pictures and dark copy on lighter ones.

E-commerce tools made easy

Our CMS is adjustable to every client needs and business particularities. We built for Bombonici an easy to use module for products administration. They can add new products, set all attributes for it, mark it as “NEW” or “SALE” product, upload an image to each available colour and select relevant products in order to build suggestions for visitors.

A modern and minimalist approach to the design

Nothing will distract a mom from chasing the purpose of her visit. Thin lines and pale colours only helps to concentrate on the products. Easy to filter products and distinct the new ones. All tools for sharing are also available for every item as well as manually selected suggestions.

Well thought and carefully crafted mobile version

Knowing that mostly all of us carry their phone everywhere, we made sure to create this website version a great experience from any device, no matter if it's a phone or a tablet. It's easy to check products details, to zoom the picture and even share any item on social media, as easy as if you were doing this on a desktop. Icons, pictures and tables are properly adjusted for any screen's size. Products filtering and sorting are handy and intuitive, to help you find a specific item or category fast, so there's no need to scroll through the entire catalogue.

Colaborăm cu AMIGO de 7 ani și la sigur putem spune că lucrul cu ei este totdeauna o plăcere. Am elaborat cu ei 3 versiuni de website și au știut întotdeauna să prezinte rezultate pe seama așteptărilor noastre. Sunt cu ochii pe trendurile actuale din lumea tehnologiilor, ceea ce ne face să avem încredere în soluțiile tehnice și conceptele grafice propuse de ei.

Separat, vrem să menționăm faptul ca în spatele sitului nostru stă un sistem foarte simplu de management al conținutului, care a evoluat odată cu afacerea noastră, ca în final să reprezinte un instrument foarte rapid de adăugare a noilor produse sau de editare a celor existente.

Recomandăm AMIGO fără ezitare.

Silvia Lazu Founder Bombonici