Online protection for kids


Sigur online

A safer web for our kids

Sigur Online is designed to inform and promote safe internet browsing for children, with support and involvement from specialists, parents and teachers. The website is an interactive informational resource, containing useful advices on how to protect children from abusive content and actions online and aiming to raise awareness among kids and youngsters.

Easy to manage content and handy tools for composing

The content is easy to manage using our proprietary CMS. We developed additional tools to enhance visualisation for complex article. Depending on the situation, they also can select different view for an article to ensure a more dynamic listing or an improved accent on specific items. By the way, the administration panel is adored by Sigur Online team, because no technical knowledges are required at all.

Pixel perfect icons and visual signs

We've designed the icons and visual signs, exclusively for this project. All these elements are assigned to all those 3 target-groups, to whom the website Sigur Online is designed. Using them, the categories content can be easier identified. All content on the website is marked with tags. This allows kids to be driven from one important article to a real story, from a test to a Q&A.

Tests to check online intelligence

In the context in which this website is primarily dedicated to children, in order to have a well-documented information support, we have created tests, that not only check their online intelligence, but also suggest the correct answer, through the variations of icons, in the case that they chose the wrong answer. This way, testing is actually an alternative way of learning certain aspects of online behaviour.

Reporting section has an adapting algorithm, depending on the chosen answers

The reporting form of an abusive case, works based on an algorithm, that way, selecting specific answers, will generate another series of questions. Thus, for making the process of reporting easier and faster, the user has to check the most of the answers, and only for some of them, to write an answer, as a specification. In the end, the reported case is analysed by the team behind Sigur Online, and all the necessary safety precautions are taken.

În contextul bunei colaborări pe care am avut-o cu AMIGO, ne declarăm pe deplin mulţumiţi de serviciile prestate. Demne de toate laudele sunt mai ales promptitudinea, deschiderea şi profesionalismul membrilor echipei. Centrul Internațional „La Strada” şi-a debutat colaborarea cu AMIGO încă din primii ani de activitate ai AMIGO. În diferite perioade de timp şi specificul colaborării a variat: de la crearea în comun de instrumente de gestionare a informaţiilor în scop de documentare şi analiză, până la elaborarea platformelor web şi De fiecare dată soluţiile oferite de AMIGO, s-au pliat perfect pe necesităţile “La Strada”. Având în vedere cele menţionate mai sus, dar nu numai, recomandăm cu încredere AMIGO ca şi un excelent furnizor de servicii în domeniul IT.

Ana Revenco President, founder Sigur online