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Magenta Consulting

Magenta Consulting always keeps an eye on web trends because it is a part of its identity

It is already a tradition that each 2-3 years we update Magenta's visual presence on the web. This time we changed dramatically the perception of their website and added more responsiveness to it. At first sight, there is a short presentation about Magenta and direct access to main 4 services they provide. Also we made possible to emphasise new services and products, presenting them as banner above copyright section.

Magenta have a broad range of services to offer so they needed a good way to organise them without making the website looking enormous

We implemented a special administration feature to accomodate the client’s need. Services are organised in categories and to each category there are testimonials gathered from different clients and also an array of logos for the most famous local and international brands Magenta has been collaborating with.

Insights and publications section, has a new desktop and mobile layout and also possibility to filter by tags

Magenta is doing great social research projects and their insights and publications are very valuable for the society. Since the website is very popular among mobile users, we aimed to simplify the layout and raise the reading experience to a new level. Enjoy the statistics!

A finest touch to every single detail

To make an easy to visualise structure for contacts page, we drew a small set of thin icons to accompany the address, phones and other details.

Noi la Magenta am rămas foarte mulțumiți de lucrul efectuat de Amigo. Băieții au lucrat foarte repede, au fost mereu receptivi la feedback-urile noastre și ne-au oferit suport tehnic de fiecare când aveam nevoie. Pe lângă un CMS comod, Amigo a știut cum să creeze și un design care ne-a plăcut. Mulțumim.

Dumitru Slonovschi CEO Magenta Consulting