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Refresh the look and reorganize content

Our collaboration with Bancamea started 6 years ago. It has been a time for continuous improvement of a very complex media project and since new web standards dictate compulsory mobile versions we came with the idea of refreshing a little bit the design as well. Also we reorganized the content structure, emphasizing the more popular sections and reducing the less used.

Attention to details and passion to style

We always love to take the good opportunity to draw and stylize some icons for every project and Bancamea wasn’t different this time. For each section of the menu we designed an index page represented by a grid of icons with small description to make navigation easier and experience more pleasant.

Loans and deposits

People always look for a better deal especially when it comes to long term deposits or borrowing money for a new flat. Bancamea has the most up-to-date and comfortable tools for analysing and comparing diverse loans from all local banks. As well there is a nice to use calculator for deposits sorting results buy currency, term and interest rate.

Power to the people

People always have to say something about their exeperience in the banking sector. Some are dissatisfied with the treatment they got in a brunch while others are happy with the quality of the services provided by their bank. Bancamea has two dedicated sections that allows visitors to interact with the platform. In one they leave their feedback to one bank or another, while in the second, questions are posted to the Bancamea team.

Fully functional mobile version

It is a well known fact, we don’t just sqeeze websites to obtain a mobile version. We sketch from scratch most of the key pages for mobile phones and tablets resolutions . Then we add the necessary elements and bits of extra code and test accross all devices found in the office and trust us, we have quite a few.

6 years ago when we were looking for a web developing team to a create from scratch a complex website on financial and banking topic. After several months of hard work was online - the first website from Moldova fully focused on financial products and services offered by banks in our country. Amigo team succeeded in delivering all the results at a very high level. Even now, after 6 years, we continue the collaboration. Furthermore this year Amigo team redesigned the website and made a nice mobile version of the project. We highly recommend this guys. They will transform any idea into a great project online.

Sergiu Tabarcea Founder BancaMea