Agricultural news



Simple project that is not simple

AgroExpert is presented by international group of experts in the field of agronomy, mechanisation, marketing and economic journalism, that started an online resourse about advanced agriculture in Moldova, in Europe, in the world. The website is aimed to deliver a continuous flow of information about what is happening now and will happen in the future on ideas, resources and equipment markets for agricultural production, as well as raw materials and food processing.

Diverse content and well organised structure

Being impressed with our work on the NewsMaker website, AgroExpert decided to work with us on a similar project but for a narrower segment such as agriculture. We found understanding from the first meeting since we both saw the potential to develop a diverse and useful source of information for the new age farmers. We came with individual solutions for each idea AgroExpert had and the result is an easy to browse and pleasant to look website.

Everyday tools for everyday visitors

First thing AgroExert pointed out, was the necessity to build a few tools that are most useful for farmers. Some of them are first time seen on such websites, other were done with a better approach to maximise their analytical output. Right under the main menu, one click away, are the information about the weather, fuel and crops price, exchange rates. We carefully developed parsers for each source of data and stored them accurately for analysing trends and predicting future actions.

More data means more space for manoeuvre

Everybody knows, agriculture is the most weather sensitive industry and farmers always want to know what are the chances of rain for the next few days. We analysed a few forecast sources and choose the one with best load time, and given options for our client's needs. The weather is delivered with every figure you might need, structured by hours for today or by days for the next week. As well, based on an outside source we build a dynamic and comparative prices module for agricultural products. Farmers can easily analyse trends and see where is best to sell their products.

Advertising possibilities on the website

Being a self maintained online publication, AgroExpert asked us to analyse and find the possible ways to advertise on the website. Apart from delivering a small strategy on how to do this, we also developed a module that allows easy banners management. For the visitors and future clients willing to advertise, we drew an illustrative guide through all the options, to make the choice easy.

Responsive all around

Considering that about 50% of people use mobile devices for browsing and visiting websites, we made sure that this project is a great tool even for a mobile user. Easy to find the utilities, easy to access the map, read the news and even share them on social media.